Office Lighting Equals Productivity

Office Lighting Equals Productivity…

Lighting can simply transform a space, inside or outside. From something drab and dull to simply gorgeous. A space that resembles a cave can be changed to an inviting and warm- feeling space that makes people want to be there. It is a fact that good lighting increases productivity, and the attitudes of employees. A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design showed that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting in their offices. So good lighting can help make happy employees, and who doesn’t want to enjoy going to work? The lighting design group at R&D Electrical can help you make your space bright and inviting with custom lighting. Here are just three options, there are more fixture types than you can even imagine, and we install, maintain, and repair all of them.

Recessed Lights…

If you have low ceilings or a small room to start with, some fixtures can make a space feel cramped, or leave shadows, or glare on a computer monitor. In these spaces we recommend recessed can lights for an even lighting pattern that does not fill up a space. We can help custom install the lights and even use long lasting and energy efficient LED fixtures, they are cost effective and are nearly invisible. Dimmers are a great choice to control the intensity of the light output and make the mood you are looking for.

Track Lights…

Track lights used to be big, bulky, unsightly fixtures mainly used to accent wall art or products on shelves at retail stores. The architectural style low voltage lights were expensive and only had a niche in the marketplace. Today, especially with the introduction of LED technology, track light fixtures have become a great way to accent around a conference table, light up a galley style break room, or be a focal point at a reception desk in a main lobby. They still work well to accent wall art or product on a shelf, the possibilities are endless.

Exterior Lights…

We know what it’s like to go to work in the dark, and go home in the dark, we all do it this time of year. It’s not just a matter of inconvenience, it’s a matter of safety. There are several types of fixtures that can light up your sidewalk, or parking lot. Options such as path lights, building accent lights, bollard lights, post lights or pole lights. Exterior lights can highlight the architectural style of your office and adding an extra layer of security to the property when the sun goes down. Exterior lighting equals safety and curb appeal.

If you’d like more bright ideas about improving the lighting for your building, call 817-541-7550 and talk to the experts at R&D Electrical.

Christmas Lights & Electricity

Christmas Lights & Electricity

Everyone likes twinkling Christmas lights. From the mega shows to the small Charlie Brown tree, they liven up the holidays. Nostalgia and memories flood in like the scene in “A Christmas Story” as dad goes to replace the fuse in the fuse box when it blows the instant the tree is plugged in, and we all get a laugh. It can be a fun time, but we also need to remember it’s not Hollywood in your home.

A few tips to remember can help you out, and make the season bright with lights. Before you hang up your lights, make sure to inspect them. Any broken insulation or frayed copper showing means throw them away, don’t just put tape on it! Verify the proper rating. Today’s LED lights don’t draw much current. In most cases you’ll never overload your circuit or your cords. If you still have the old incandescent lamps, be sure to just feel the cords when they are all on and running for a while. If the cord is warm to the touch, turn it off and reduce some of the load off that cord. NEVER put a cord under a carpet or furniture, route them out of the way so they are not a tripping hazard, but let them have some room to dissipate any heat buildup from extended use. Don’t forget to choose the extension cord for the right environment, some cords are for outdoor use and other for only indoor use.

Use as directed, there is a difference between outdoor and indoor holiday lights. Make sure your lights are meant for the environment you plan to use them in. Also look at location, don’t put lights too close to anything combustible, such as near paper or other flammable products. Don’t hang them too close to your fireplace or near candles or space heaters.

Be careful if you leave lights on when you are not at home, many people leave them on but be aware of the risk in the event something were to happen. The same goes if you go to sleep at night, timers fail, so be ready to react, and it’s always a clever idea to keep a few fire extinguishers on hand that can put out an electrical fire.

Replace burned out or broken bulbs, and do the repair with the power OFF! A broken bulb could endanger a child or cause an electrical short. Be sure to select the proper wattage, and remember that metal trees and electrical lights don’t mix. If you have a metal tree, it’s best not to hang lights on it and create a potential shock hazard.

Don’t let the season be ruined by failing to use common sense safety practices. It’s important to make fond memories, just don’t take unnecessary short cuts that could lead to a Christmas to forget. When in doubt consult an electrician. R&D Electrical, LLC is here to help in any way we can. Call 817-541-7550, that plug you’ve always needed to make your lighting better can be on the schedule and ready for the grand lighting ceremony, and you won’t have a blown fuse in the process! Merry Christmas!

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LED Lighting: LED stands for SAVINGS!

LED Lighting: LED stands for SAVINGS!

Creating a better bottom line has always been the main focus of any business, which means keeping costs down wherever possible. When it comes to fixed costs, that can be difficult in some areas, but one of the easiest ways to pursue this course of action is to schedule an LED lighting installation.

Until the late 1970’s, businesses had few options in this area and usually had to accept whatever fluorescent lamps were on the market and schedule an installation with a commercial electrician. The frequency of having to change this form of lighting generally put a crimp in any attempt at reducing costs.

Cutting Energy Costs
That’s changed for many businesses we’ve helped to upgrade to LED lighting. While the original cost might have dissuaded businesses from considering any LED lighting installation, that price has taken a steep drop within the past decade. In addition, the 75 percent drop in electricity use with this lighting avoids wasting even more money. One client had a $90,000.00 decrease in their electricity bill in just 10 months!

An Array of Colors
Another evolution within this market is the scope of options now available to a business. When LED lighting came on the market as a viable alternative in reducing costs for businesses, the only options when it came to color were red and green. Until white and blue diodes were invented in the mid-1990’s, the combination of lack of selection and prohibitive costs stalled any progress in this department.

Installation and Repair Costs Down
Since the lifespan of this form of lighting reduces the number of calls that a commercial electrician will receive, the maintenance costs for a business will be reduced.

An Employee-Friendly Consideration
Employee morale is an area in which LED lighting can have a subtle effect and potentially boost
productivity. The harsh lighting that’s representative of High Intensity Discharge, or old fluorescent
lights had the potential to create eye strain that’s avoided when it comes to the LED version. In addition,
there’s no UV rays to be concerned with when it comes to LED.

A Green Option
With environmental concerns also growing with each passing year, transitioning from incandescent, HID,
or fluorescent to LED literally shines a positive light on a business for making this type of move. Given
the level of innovation that continues to take place when it comes to this form of lighting, the chance to
reduce costs even further down the road exists.

The Right Choice
R&D Electrical has been a leader when it comes to any electric repair, replacement or upgrade for a business. We also can handle any electrical installation in order to help you get a handle on those fixed

So when the time comes to consider an LED lighting installation, contact R&D Electrical, and we’ll send an experienced commercial electrician to do the job right.

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